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The signing and unveiling ceremony of APIE and Middle East Marketing Service Center was successfully held

On August 17, 2023, at 3:00 p.m., the Middle East Marketing Service Center of APIE was formally established in the Dubai Free Trade Zone, and the signing of the authorization contract with Bedrock is another milestone in the globalization journey of APIE. Nabil Salim, General Manager of Bedrock, and his team members attended the signing and unveiling ceremony and witnessed the important moment of the establishment of the Middle East Marketing and Service Center of APIE.  
09 2023/10

Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between Soilmec and APIE

On June 26, 2023, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Soilmec (Wujiang) Machinery Co., Ltd and APIE Foundation Equipment (China) Limited was held in Wuxi, on the shore of the beautiful Tai Lake. Marco Brinati (General Manager of Soilmec (Wujiang) Machinery Co., Ltd.), Yu Haoqing (Operations Director), Chen Jieyao (Assistant General Manager), Chu Lejun (Purchasing Director), Sun Jinshan (President of "Basic Engineering" Magazine), Xin Peng (Chairman of APIE Foundation Equipment (China) Limited), Yao Jiong (CEO of APIE Foundation Equipment (China) Limited), Wang Jiancheng (independent director of APIE) and leaders of Tysim attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the important moment when APIE officially became Soilmec's China partner and reached an initial cooperation with European brands. After the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, Soilmec officially authorized APIE as the exclusive distributor in China to undertake all Soilmec's business in China. We thank Soilmec for trust in us and look forward to a new starting point and new opportunities for both parties to better serve our customers through this win-win development. SOILMEC S.p.A. is affiliated to the Italian TREVI Group (one of the two largest multinational foundation engineering contractors in the world today). It is a professional company engaged in the research, development and manufacture of foundation construction equipment. Its products cover large-diameter drilling rig, anchors drilling rigs, hydraulic underground diaphragm wall grab, vibro hammer, tunnel construction machinery, etc. APIE is committed to "based in China and facing the world", building a domestic and international service platform for the piling industry, providing online and offline promotion services for domestic high-quality suppliers, and providing one-stop procurement platform and solutions for foreign customers, to develop the domestic market and find partners for international brands and special construction machinery. At the signing ceremony, Marco Brinati, general manager of Soilmec (Wujiang) Machinery Co., Ltd., said that the signing is the beginning of a new journey. It is a great honor to participate and thanks for the cooperation with APIE Foundation Equipment (China) Limited, hoping to look forward to the future together. He firmly believes that the development of interpersonal communication is based on the communication between languages and the common feelings between people. Without these foundations, people will not be able to develop a good relationship. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone for their active cooperation and mutual support, creating such opportunities for cooperation, and working together for a better future. Mr. Xin Peng, Chairman of APIE Foundation Equipment (China) Limited. said that the cooperation with Soilmec will inject new impetus into APIE. Signing the contract is only the starting point, and the service has no end. Working together with the industry benchmark, APIE will surely become a professional service brand with a sound story and recognition.APIE is a customer-centered platform supported by a professional team to provide professional services to create more value for worldwide customers. Mr. Yao Jiong, CEO of APIE Foundation Equipment (China) Limited, said that we are gathered for cooperation, but also for friendship. In today's rapidly changing industry, APIE will seek innovation in our buisness model and persistence in our values in the midst of change. We are full of confidence in the cooperation between Soilmec China and APIE, and look forward to great success in future cooperation. The signing of the cooperation not only witnessed the consensus and trust between Soilmec and APIE, but also indicated that the future win-win cooperation between the two parties is about to start!           
09 2023/10
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